Why I Use 714 x 714 pixels for my social-media-first square videos

Why 714?

vi 714 why 714?

I like using web technologies to create things.  Especially videos.
However I also tend to question “why” ?
So when I took some videos with my mobile phone and downloaded them to my PC – guess what – they were not of a size or ratio that fitted readily to the dominant video providers’ platforms.
That led me to ask the question:-
Why do videos have to be sized to conform with third-parties’ standards?
That set me to looking into the various approaches to making videos.
I didn’t find an “out of the box” solution.
So I decided I’d do my own thing.
Video and social media were on the ascendant.   Those were the two top-level factors that directed my experiments.
Maximising the screen estate on social media timelines led to settling on 714 x 714 pixels.
Happily the videos readily leant themselves to re-use on web sites and other digital media.
There is more to tell.  But that’s for another time.
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