vi714 Juicing Link Image

vi714 juicing link image
vi714 juicing link image


With the widespread use of social media it can be advantageous to create “link images”.
These are images that appear on timelines and can be used solely a scroll-stoppers and/or clickable images.
At vi714 we are always mindful of bandwidth considerations and storage capacity.  Whilst Facebook recommends links with dimensions of 1200 x 628 pixels…….we have found that images measuring 600 x 314 (as above) are perfectly adequate.
Smaller images lose too much crispness and clarity.  Those qualities are essential when using icons and qr codes.
Whilst there is software designed to make such images clickable and cloak links – that tends to be the preserve of internet marketing and sales.
Many social media channels are content for their robots to pick up the first image on a web page they discover.  Thus placing the image at the top of this page and the associated juicing videos at