The Making of vi714 Video Art Surreal 1


“vi714 Video Art Surreal 1” was created from a range of sources and using a variety of software.
The key was a stock video I came across on Canva.  From that I extracted a single image and resized it to 714 x 714 pixels.

Vi714 Video Art Surreal 1 Image 01


This I then uploaded to online software from which I created the initial image below.

Having ascertained that the square in the centre of this image would be the centre of the final image I set about piecing the jigsaw together.  Piece by piece.  Each of the images below was saved individually.

Vi714 Video Art Surreal 1 Image 15

Vi714 Video Art Surreal 1 Image 16

Vi714 Video Art Surreal 1 Image 17

Pulling all together

All the images were imported into my favourite video editor (Camtasia) from where the initial vi714 format video was output.
This was compressed and uploaded to Facebook.  Where it can be seen at 

vi714 Web Page Version

The initial output was then repurposed for use on a web page.  It can be seen at