vi714 making the first puzzle software video

The images were used to create a video which was added to a web page on
This allowed for the qr code to be generated:-

vi714 Puzzle Effect 1 Web Page Qr Code Image

Which, in turn, was added to a link image for use on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels where the timelines provide for rectangular clickable images to be added to posts.

vi714 Puzzle Effect 1 Link Image

The video was then set in a canvas suitably sized for Youtube and another for Instagram.

vi714 puzzle effect image thumbnail for instagram image

vi714 bought puzzle making software on launch day

On 29th July 2021 an online software to create puzzles from static images was launched by Robert Borsuk. Its key selling point was creating printable products. Products that encouraged manual dexterity and puzzle solving – especially in children. But – I am Chris and I run vi714 – so I asked – Why not? Why […]

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vi714 mock up images – from an iconic design?

The question I revisited on 24th July 2021 was “why must one be constrained by the “industry standard” sizes for videos”?
That led me to returning to the silhouette or “cut-out” overlays for my vi714 format videos…….and the image of a question mark.
The resultant video was uploaded to the Video Initiative 714 Facebook Page and a link shared to LinkedIn.
It was then repurposed for use on a web page – “vi714 do you ever ask why
The choice of background colour (hex #232426) was to approximate to Facebook’s dark mode colour palette.
The video found favour and several people messaged complementing it.
It was suggested the dark background, white question mark and the “not?” in the dot at the bottom could become iconic.
So were born some images……….in keeping with the vi714 theme…
Starting with the original vi714 question mark silhouette the url was added.

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url original Image

Then followed that image embedded in mock-up scenes……..

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url girl in t shirt image

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url on wide screen monitor with purple backlight image

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url on apple monitor image

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url on wide screen monitor linked to laptop image

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url cover of spiral bound book on top of two others image

Vi714 Question Not With Vi714 Url poster amongst posters on a wall image