Review – Revise – Republish

If you are a creating content and uploading it across domains your “message” can become fragmented.
That’s when it’s time to consider:-
“Review” – “Revise” – “Republish”.
That’s what I did after listening to a good friend’s observations.
He’s not at all technical but very supportive of my efforts with my social-media-first, “714 format”, videos.
“They’re all good but they’re all over the place.  I want to be able to go to one place where I can see what your trying to do.
And you’re doing videos – so make them the feature.” 
He was right.
I’d started out making my videos and adding them to
But then who is going to type “videoinitiative714” into a Google search?
That’s why I set up
I then had some of my “story” on one web site and some on another.
Time to Review – Revise – Republish.
The results of my actions can be seen on a new home page (end July 2021) at
I hope this short anecdote will help at least one person.
Thank you for your time.

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