How Infographics Can Help With New “Things”

When one creates a new “thing” it is often necessary to communicate what it is and what it does.

I found that making an infographic is one way to to do this.

A key benefit is that it forces one to identify the key points one wishes to convey.  

In May 2022 I created an icon. 

I checked it on site such as ,, and Google’s Image search.

The results suggested I had created something new and unique.

Some friends suggested that it’s great but very few people have seen it, and even fewer understand what it’s for.

That set me thinking and taking action……………..

Kefi Link Icon Possible Uses Infographic Image

I invite you to view this infographic in its full glory at

And do I use it myself?  Yes.

Kefi Link Icon Horizontal Greek Blue 50 X 50 White Background Image

Kefi Link Icon Facebook Page Link Image

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